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How to Stop Makeup from Transferring: Top 5 Comprehensive Guide

How to Stop Makeup from Transferring

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You’ve certainly had the afternoon change in your makeup look already; even makeup experts will have sometimes experienced transference.

Both dry and oily skin types can experience fading or blotting throughout any season, however the exact reason is sometimes unclear.

The amount of blurring or fading of makeup can be caused by various elements such as oil flow, weather, and materials like scarves or face masks, but the final result is ultimately determined by the application techniques and formulations applied.

There are lots of techniques to avoid these common makeup mistakes and maintain your Stunning beauty looks all day!

How to apply makeup that is long-lasting

If you’re doing glittery eye makeup for an evening event or a few-minute skin-booster makeup routine, it’s upsetting to see your hard work go to waste too soon. The correct foundation is the first step in makeup artists’ knowledge of how to maintain a foundation all day.

Skin needs to be sufficiently regenerated and sensitive before makeup, such as a long-wear foundation, is applied. This can be done by using nourishing and minor skincare treatments.

Selecting the Correct Primer

Using the correct primer is usually the first step to creating a beautiful look that lasts.
The choice between moisturizing primers for dry skin and plain primers for oily skin may have a major effect on your risk of transfer, depending on your skin type.

Suggestions For Stop Makeup Transfer

There are many ways to stop your foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, or eyeliner from transferring onto other areas of your body and clothing over the day.
Here is Suggestions for Stop Makeup Transfer.

1. Apply primer on the skin

How to Stop Makeup Transfer

Skin requires to have a specific feel to allow for makeup to last all day. For makeup to match your skin tone instead of just sitting on top of it, it must be hydrated and absorbent; at this point, too much absorbing can cause products to sink and fade.

Face primers work by creating a layer between makeup and pores to stop this from happening.

Prepare your skin for long-lasting makeup by using a hydrating primer first, such as Tatcha The Silk Canvas Primer, which enhances complexions and melts into the skin to create a supporting base.

2. Use a long-lasting foundation

How to Stop Makeup Transfer

Matte foundations are recommended for radiant types. Compared to radiant foundations, matte foundations generally last longer.

Makeup transfer can be avoided to the highest level possible by using a long-wear foundation. Even the best foundation makeup could leave a mark, so choose carefully.

The foundation you select will decide that it can be used as a long-wear foundation; it can be full coverage or more like a tinted moisturizer. For makeup to last on the skin for a certain period, it requires to have both stunning pigmentation and supporting elements.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation can stay on the face all day, especially for oily skin types, and Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation is for dry skin types and provides built-in protection.

3. Use Makeup Brushes for Makeup

How to Stop Makeup Transfer

It matters how you set up the products as well. While hand products like cream blush as well as lipstick into the skin, a sponge is necessary for your base makeup to prevent transfers.

Long-lasting makeup is blended and layered with makeup brushes for perfect, natural-looking skin that never fades.

Use VEGA Foundation Brush’s little pointed form for liquid longwear foundation. A Matto Powder Mineral Brush can be used to apply powder foundations.

4. Set up your makeup in the correct way

Understanding how to apply makeup correctly is important for achieving a clean and flawless look. After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, use a sponge or brush to apply foundation evenly.

Use concealer to blend in with your skin and cover up any flaws. For long-lasting wear, set your base with a little layer of transparent powder. Add texture to the face’s high points using a highlighter, blush, and bronzer.

Apply a setting spray at the end to set in your makeup and maintain its freshness all day.

5. Apply setting spray to fix

A setting spray helps make sure that the skin you’ve reached looks even and stays put as the very last step. Dirt and dry weather are two additional environmental factors that might impact makeup throughout the day.

Setting sprays helps to prevent environmental stress from affecting coverage by creating a thin line between makeup.

How to Stop Makeup from Transferring

Here are some more guidelines for applying makeup that lasts.

  • Use a suitable primer.
  • Stop touching your face; performing this as well promotes healthy skin.
  • Make use of products that suit your skin type.
  • Use setting spray after makeup.
  • To give your skin some time to recover, use makeup removers or cleanser every day.

Best Setting Spray For Makeup

How to Stop Makeup from Transferring

An essential product for any beauty collection, SUGAR Grand Finale Highlighting Setting Mist will make your makeup look better.

This mist gives you a radiant glow and sets and refreshes your look. It locks in makeup for a long-lasting finish with a thin, lightweight formula, leaving your skin effectively set and bright for any great finale.


It’s important to choose a primer that suits your skin type. Matte primers work well for oily skin, while hydrating primers are ideal for dry skin.

Minimize touch-ups by setting your makeup properly. Ideally, touch-ups can be done once or twice a day.

Use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover to ensure all traces of makeup are removed before bedtime.

While it’s tempting, setting your makeup is crucial for long-lasting wear. Consider using a setting spray for a quick fix.

Use an eyeshadow primer and set your eyeshadow with a translucent powder to prevent creasing.

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