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How Long Does Sunscreen Last: Unveiling the Secrets of SPF Protection

How long does sunscreen last

Table of Contents

How Long Does Sunscreen Last

Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen. Excessive sun exposure can cause skin damage and early aging. Skin cancer risk can also be increased by excessive sun exposure.

However, When is the best time to reapply? which sunscreen is the best to use? And how should sunscreen be applied correctly? The solutions are here.

Which Type Of Sunscreen Is Best?

At the beginning of the journey, the two primary types of UV radiation—UVA and UVB—are explored.

UVA rays: UVA rays affect your skin’s deepest layers. They might be a factor in early wrinkles, skin cancer, and skin aging.

UVB rays: UVB rays Produce sunburn and harm the outermost layer of skin, UVB rays are also linked to skin cancer.

Even in cloudy weather, it’s essential to use sunscreen when you’re outside. While UVA rays are always present throughout the day and can even pass through clouds and windows, UVB rays increase throughout the day and are most dangerous from late morning to the afternoon.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens are the best choice when selecting a sunscreen. These protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation.


How Long Does Sunscreen Last

Which Sunscreen Strengh is Best?

Sunscreens with a higher SPF are more effective at reducing UV radiation. Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, compares the amount of UVB radiation needed to burn skin protected from the sun to the amount required to burn skin.

UVB rays are taken out by sunscreens with SPF values of 93%, 97%, and 98% for SPF 15, SPF 30, and SPF 50.

Sunscreens with a broad spectrum can filter out UVA radiation. Zinc oxide and silicon dioxide are two elements included in sunscreens that provide UVA and UVB protection.

It would be best to choose a sunscreen like Squalane Ultra Matte Sunscreen to fulfill dermatologists’ recommendations that you wear broad-spectrum sunscreens with at least SPF 50.

A higher SPF will offer better protection if applied and reapplied correctly, as your risk of sunburn is higher if you frequently spend time outside in the midday sun than in the early morning or late afternoon.

What Is the Role Of Sunscreen On Your Skin?

How long does sunscreen last

According to common opinion, the higher the SPF, the more time you can spend in the sun before reapplying sunscreen.
Note that the SPF of your sunscreen reflects the quantity of sunlight it protects you from, not the length of time you can spend in the sun.

Is it possible to apply the same sunscreen to your face and body?

Your face is more sensitive than other parts of your body, specifically the soft areas under your eyes, therefore you might need to use a sunscreen made for sensitive skin.

How long does sunscreen last on your face when applying makeup?

Most makeup, like foundations, have built-in SPF 3 or 4 sun protection. Since this is low, if you’re going to be outside in the sun, you still need to wear sunscreen under your makeup.

You might have a little more protection if your foundation has a high SPF, but you should still make sure that your face is completely covered in sunscreen. You should reapply sunscreen to your face every two hours.

Is It Required To Reapply Sun Screen?

Yes, Because Some sunscreens are removable with washing. Exercise like swimming and a lot of sweating can remove sunscreen.
After swimming or working out, you should reapply your sunscreen because rubbing yourself dry with a towel can also remove it.

Appropriate Use Of Sunscreen

You should completely cover your body from head to foot with at least a single drop of sunscreen—roughly the size of filling a shot glass. This involves covering your face and neck with about half a teaspoon of sunscreen.

Research suggests most people only apply between 20 to 50 percent of this total, so they may not be as safe as they believe.

Tips For Sun Safety

13861801_5383092 (1)

You can also follow this advice to protect yourself from the sun:

  • When the sun is at its strongest, try to avoid being too exposed.
  • To protect your eyes, put on sunglasses.
  • Whenever possible, try keeping yourself in the shadows.
  • Cover the skin that is exposed with loose clothing.


It’s important to wear sunscreen if you want to protect your skin and yourself. Before application, always be sure that you’re applying enough, and then repeat every two hours.

Whatever the weather, wear sunscreen as a requirement for your daily skincare routine because damaging UVA and UVB radiation are constantly present, even in the winter.


Tanning on the hands is often caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds, which stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, resulting in a darker complexion.

To prevent tanning on your hands, it’s essential to use sunscreen with a high SPF on your hands whenever you’re exposed to the sun, wear protective clothing like gloves or long sleeves, and avoid prolonged sun exposure during peak hours.

Some effective home remedies for removing tanning from hands include using lemon juice, baking soda paste, yogurt and turmeric mask, tomato pulp, and potato slices. These natural ingredients contain properties that can help lighten and brighten the skin over time.

Yes, there are many commercial products available, such as exfoliating scrubs, chemical peels, and skin-lightening creams, that can help remove tanning from hands. Look for products containing ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, or kojic acid, which can help lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone.
Yes, exfoliation is an essential step in removing tanning from hands as it helps to slough off dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, resulting in brighter and smoother skin. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or mitt to massage the skin in circular motions, focusing on areas with tanning.

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